Amplificador Intel® VTune™

Hotspots View

Identify program units that took the most CPU time (hotspots) by using the Intel® VTune™ Amplifier's Hotspots viewpoint. This viewpoint is available for all analysis results.

Memory Access Analysis for Cache Misses and High Bandwidth Issues

Use the Intel® VTune™ Amplifier's Memory Access analysis to identify memory-related issues, like NUMA problems and bandwidth-limited accesses, and attribute performance events to memory objects (data structures), which is provided due to instrumentation of memory allocations/de-allocations and getting static/global variables from symbol information.

Running hotspots Analysis from the Command Line

Basic Hotspots analysis helps understand application flow and identify sections of code that get a lot of execution time (hotspots). A large number of samples collected at a specific process, thread, or module can imply high processor utilization and potential performance bottlenecks. Some hotspots can be removed, while other hotspots are fundamental to the application functionality and cannot be removed.

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