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C-State residencies are collected from hardware and/or the operating system (OS).

For systems that collect OS C-State residencies, CPU C-states are core power states requested by the Operating System Directed Power Management (OSPM) infrastructure that define the degree to which the processor is "idle".

For systems that collect hardware C-State residencies, CPU C-States are obtained by reading the processor’s MSRs which count the actual time spent in each C-State.

S0ix States

S0ix-states represent the residency in the Intel® SoC idle standby power states. The S0ix states shut off part of the SoC when they are not in use. The S0ix states are triggered when specific conditions within the SoC have been achieved, for example: certain components are in low power states. The SoC consumes the least amount of power in the deepest (for example, S0i3) state.

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