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An Ultra Mobile PC is a new category of mobile devices optimized for specific usage models such as Internet-to-go, Entertainment-to-go, and Education-to-go, while providing full PC capability and versatility. UMPC devices are expected to be small enough so they are easy to carry, deliver long battery life so you can access information for extended periods of time, have multiple wireless options so you can be connected anytime, and are location aware so it can adapt to your personal needs.

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  • 从Windows 7的多点触控想到MID

    今天我去参加了微软的WinHEC 2008。这次WinHEC揭开了Windows 7的神秘面纱。在我看来,Windows 7就是Vista的升级版:降低对硬件资源的消耗,并提高对应用软件老版本的兼容性。除此之外,就是在Windows中融入多点触控技术,以及进一步改善即插即用设备的交互性和易用性。其实多点触控和即插即用都不是新东西,新的是微软把多点触控作为Windows中的核心特色功能,把设备的无缝连接和智能易用性看得比以前重要。

    使用Moblin SDK为MID开发应用程序 -- 1


    Intel与开源社区合作,为MID Linux制定了一套OS规范--Moblin,一套SDK以及相应的兼容性测试工具。应用软件开发者可以使用Moblin SDK创建开发环境并在其上开发、测试应用程序,而不必费神考虑不同MID Linux之间的兼容性。Moblin规范保证了任何符合规范的MID Linux对应用软件的一致性。此外,Moblin SDK中包含了MID模拟器,可以很方便的在本机看到软件在目标设备上的UI效果。

    在最新的Moblin2.0规范中,还增加了对Netbook和In-Vehicle Infotainment设备的支持。

    AIR and Flash Performance on Moblin

    At Adobe MAX in November, Sean Christmann from effectiveui gave a fantastic presentation on Flash and AIR application performance. The typical view of performance optimization when dealing with any runtime is that the runtime is responsible for being fast, and there isn't much that content or applications can do to help. Sean blasted that misconception in short order.

    Enabling the GPS on a Midinux MID

    The Compal Jax10 MIDs we have been using in our development work have GPS hardware but no supporting software stack (yet). This document explains how to install the necessary software to activate your GPS and some software you can run to test it out.
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    我记得以前曾经发过这个韩国人做的MID. 真是很邪恶,将这款机器命名为了UMID.你让其它的UMPC和MID怎么起名呢?



    INTEL显卡,分辨率:4.8寸,1024X600,RAM 512MB,8G,带键盘,没有鼠标指点杆,WIFI+蓝牙。重量315克




    A MID life crisis or just a fling?

    Spending much of this week at a conference, I decided to make the jump and use my MID full time.  I already knew my MID did most of what I desired, this real world test proved that I was able to stay connected and accomplish nearly everything I needed while at the conference.  The conference included an open Wifi connection which made everything work smoothly.  I was able to stay in touch with my co-workers and friends via IM (I used pidgin), and Facebook status updates.  I could browse, check my news feeds (google reader) and keep u

    How to Monitor Power Status using the .NET* Framework


    Monitor the power mode to detect when the user suspends or resumes the system. Intel's mobile processors utilize advanced power-management technologies to take advantage of idle time to save power. For example, QuickStart is a feature that allows a CPU to resume rapidly from a low-power state. Thus, a CPU can quickly enter and exit low-power states between keystrokes. Although these idle times are brief, they enable laptop machines to reduce power consumption significantly.

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