Fast Cars, MIDs, the iPhone and the VW GTI

Fast Cars, MIDs, the iPhone and the VW GTI

The idea of integrating my portable connected communication device into my life is very appealing.  I have been able to accomplish that in many ways with my iPhone.  I hope that as MIDs evolve we can integrate them even further; I will use my car as an example.

Mobile TV: Opportunities and Challenges

One of the most talked about new services today is mobile TV. Mobile TV marries two of the most successful services available on the planet today, mobile communications and TV viewing, which many consider a recipe for certain success. We will describe the background of these services, and also explain why ISVs will be playing a central part in the future of mobile TV offerings.

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  • MIDs the iPhone and being connected

    MIDs the iPhone and being connected

     I love using, researching, discussing and programming mobile tech devices.  For my first blog post I wanted to bring up some thoughts concerning MIDs, and comments on using the iPhone.  I’ve spent the last few years carrying around a WinCE cell phone and most recently an Apple iPhone, both the 2G and now 3G version.

    Build an Ubuntu Fedora Dual Boot System

    These instructions detail the steps for creating a dual boot system with both Ubuntu and Fedora versions of Linux. Since Moblin v1 was primarily developed using Ubuntu and Moblin v2 uses Fedora, as Moblin developers this can be helpful.
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    Well, it has been a while since I wrote a blog entry, but boy have I learned some stuff! If you have followed my previous blogs you know that I have been working on developing a program to be run on MIDs. I started out putting together my development system and creating my program in Linux. Then I started working on learning about moblin.org and going through the tutorials there on creating a target and additional things that are needed to run a program on MIDs. Just after I wrote my last blog I ran into a problem that has been the bane of my existence for a while.

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