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Code Samples for Detection of System GPU, Battery Mode, and Windows* 8 On-screen Keyboard in Unity*

Download the Intel® Toolkit from the Unity* Asset Store for code samples to help you display Windows native mode touch and touch feedback visuals, use the on-screen keyboard in Windows* 8 with Unity*, and find the device's current battery mode and its GPU type.
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  • Video Interviews - Intel® Software Innovators at GDC 2015

    GDC (Game Developers Conference) happened March 2-6, at Moscone Center in San Francisco. This was an amazing event where game programmers, producers, game designers, executives, and many more all gathered to talk about games, game development, and the future of the gaming industry.

    Pixel Rift wins Developer Showcase at Buzz Workshop in London

    Pixel Rift wins Developer Showcase at Buzz Workshop in London

    The Intel Buzz workshops bring together regional game developers, so they can stay up-to-date on game development and graphics for Android* and Windows*. The workshops include a Developer Showcase, where developers can pitch their games to an audience of their peers.

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