Making Your Android* Application Login Ready Part II


In part I we explored adding a login screen to our restaurant application and then customizing the rest of the application based on the access level of who logs in. That way, when the manager logs in, they can do their managerial tasks like editing the menu and analyzing restaurant sales, while the customer can see their coupons and reward points. Part I can be read here:

Making Your Android* Application Login Ready Part I

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  • Courseware - Data Structures

    • Representation of numeric data
    • Range, precision, and rounding errors
    • Arrays
    • Representation of character data
    • Strings and string processing
    • Runtime storage management
    • Pointers and references
    • Linked structures
    • Implementation strategies for stacks, queues, and hash tables
    • Implementation strategies for graphs and trees
    • Strategies for choosing the right data structure



    Parallel implementation of Multi-List data structure (spillner)



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  • Desarrollo de juegos
  • Computación en paralelo
  • Configurando o Intel Perceptual Computing SDK no Netbeans*

    O objetivo desse tutorial é demonstrar como configurar o Intel Perceptual Computing SDK no Netbeans e utilizar o SDK em qualquer aplicação Java* para Windows*.

    Seguem os passos:

    1- Clique com o botão direito sobre a pasta 'Libraries' do seu projeto no Netbeans* e selecione a opção "Add Library":

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  • Computación de percepción
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