Black Belt for Academia

How Broad are you Shoulders?

We've all achieved what we have in life with the help of others – by standing on the shoulders of giants as the old saying goes. Well how broad are your shoulders? Here at the Academic Community we are considering a program to help encourage mentoring among our members. We'll focus on parallelism content to start with, the idea being that those who are already engaged with putting parallelism into their course material and are active members of the Academic Community would contact other members who are just beginning to engage.

There is a new Black Belt in the Academic Community

It is an exciting day in the Intel Academic Community; we have a new Black Belt for Academia!  It is my pleasure to announce that Professor Jose Villeta of the University of Southern California (USC) is our latest member to be promoted to this most coveted and honored position.
The Black Belt for Academia is earned through a combination of community participation, leadership, integration of parallel programming into curriculum nominations, and  approval by the Intel selection committee.

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