Application development

Introduction to Software Development on MeeGo*: Publishing The Developed Application

Introducing Intel software developer networks to let students know new development models of social media and collaboration; Application development using Meego* SDK for Windows*; Intel AppUp® SDK service including authorization, instrumentation, crash reporting and submission process. The session also includes labs on developing Applications with Meego* SDK with three different environments: 1.Real Mobile Device and Tablet 2.Virtual Meego* Tablet/Handset on Oracle VirtualBox* 3.Emulated Meego* environment under QEMU provided by MeeGo* SDK

Introduction to Software Development on MeeGo™: MeeGo Device and Information Management Apps Development(L5)

This class introduces Meego devices personal information management and system module. Teacher is expected to teach students on device state and resource policy management, sensor and contest. Student also learn personal info management (Calendar, contacts, backup and sync) and how to design apps associated with those resources. This module was jointly developed by Mobile Application Software Development Curriculum Committee, Beijing University, China and Intel Innovative Software Education

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