Intel Tablet: could it be the best tablet, PC, or overall experience?

I'm on my 7th day using an Intel Tablet,  and with that I feel I have a pretty good idea of what it's good for and not, and I would like to put it in context to all the computing devices I use.  If you have followed me you know I'm not new to Windows* 8, nor am I new to tablets. To set the record straight: I own 2 iPads, have purchased 4 iPhones, own a Samsung Galaxy SIII, and Acer Iconia Tab,  as well as 3 Atom-powered netbooks, 1 MeeGo tablet and 2 Utrabooks, one Sandy Bridge and 1 Ivy Bridge, as well as this new Intel powered Samsung ATIV Tablet.

ACER Ultrabook Review

Not too long ago we heard about Ultrabook machines and X86 Windows 7 systems operating on solar cells indoors and now we have Ultrabooks popping up everywhere. Between the possible options I decided that I am going to keep my DELL Latitude laptop as a workstation for now but still get a new Ultrabook for a different reason.

MIDs getting a real workout on MID Moves

If you're a developer on mobile internet devices (MIDs), or just a fan, you should check out the MID Moves site that launches this week. I love this site not just because they're playing around with some great new systems straight from CES that I haven't even seen yet, but because... well... it isn't Intel.
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