Intel Academic Community at Supercomputing 08

The Intel Academic Community is sponsoring live and online events at Supercomputing 08 in Austin Texas, starting Nov. 17. Joins us at the show or on the Net for discussions on parallelism in the classroom and in the enterprise
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    Свершилось! Я запустил сайт, посвященный lock-free, wait-free и просто масштабируемым алгоритмым синхронизации, многопоточности, параллельным вычислениям, многоядерныи процессорам, масштабируемой архитектуре программных систем, concurrency, паттернам и анти-паттернам, технологиям и библиотекам многопоточности, сопутствующему инструментарию и связанным темам:

    Use lambda expressions in C# to simplify the parallelized code

    So, you want to start using Task Parallel Library Beta 1. You want to take advantage of the new features that will be available in .Net 4.0. Hold on! Are you familiar with lambda expressions?

    If you aren’t using lambda expressions in your current C# programs, you should begin learning about them before jumping into the new features. C# 3.0 introduced lambda expressions and they are very useful to simplify the parallelized code. They will help you to create code that’s easier to read, understand and maintain.

    Stateful Programming - a key element

    A key feature of Object Oriented Programming is code manageability and reusability, key feature of Procedural Programming is flow manageability. A key element in flow manageability is Stateful Programming. This methodology is very common with Procedural programmers and is very uncommon with Object Oriented programmers, but it is easily applicable.

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