gaston hillar

A Lively Discussion with Community Black Belt Developer Gaston Hillar at IDF 2011 - PPT #125

We usually interview ISN Black Belt Developer, and well-known author Gaston Hillar at IDF and this year was no exception. In this show Gaston shares his enthusiasm about new Intel products including CPUs (especially Intel Atom), Developer Tools and a bigger empasis on the quality of the user experience.

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Parallel Programming Talk #100 - From "Is this thing on?" to “Taming the Wild order of Synchronizations” - 100 Shows - a Retrospective

PPT marks its 100th episode by taking some time to look back and discuss beginnings. It’s come a long way since then. A number of guests joined co-hosts Kathy Farrel and Dr. Clay Breshears: Aaron Tersteeg, original host of PPT and co-founder (with Michael Wrinn and Dr. Clay Breshears).
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