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Using Regular Expressions with the Intel® MPI Library Automatic Tuner

The Intel® MPI Library includes an Automatic Tuner program, called mpitune.  You can use mpitune to find optimal settings for both a cluster and for a specific application.  In order to tune a specific application (or to use a benchmark other than the default for a cluster-specific tuning), mpitune needs a way to determine the performance from a run of the application.  By default, the runtime of the application will be used.  But depending on the application, this could be inaccurate.  You might want only the time for a specific portion of the application, or you might want a different mea

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    I develop the PVS-Studio static code analyzer intended for analyzing C/C++ software. After we implemented general analysis in PVS-Studio 4.00, we received a lot of responses, both positive and negative. By the way, you are welcome to download a new version of PVS-Studio where we have fixed a lot of errors and defects thanks to users who told us about them.

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