Intel(R) System Studio Developer Story : How to configure, build and profile the Linux Kernel of Android by using the VTune

Intel(R) System Studio Developer Story: How to configure, build, debug and optimize key parts of your mobile software stack for Android*

1. Set-up and configure a development environment.

(1) The target HW environment

   In this article, a Minnow board MAX is used for a HW platform. The MinnowBoard is an Intel® Atom™ processor based board which introduces Intel® Architecture to the small and low cost embedded market for the developer and maker community. It has exceptional performance, flexibility, openness and standards.

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  • Previewing tickless support for Linux* on the Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor

    Tickless kernels are very useful (and desired) in large HPC clusters. In this article, we preview support for a tickless Linux* kernel for the Intel(R) Xeon Phi(TM) Coprocessor.
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  • How to: build a VirtualBox Android Linux kernel

    From time to time, people ask me about building VirtualBox in Google's master branch or at the ICS release tag. They often wish to tweak the kernel. Building a Linux kernel for VirtualBox and including it in the image isn't difficult - provided that you have a little experience with the tools. Teaching the tools (git, make, ...) is beyond the scope of this posting, but I will provide some information on how to:
  • download the Linux kernel source
  • build the Linux kernel binary for a VB image
  • build a Linux kernel binary based on a newer kernel

  • Suscribirse a kernel