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Five ways to level up your Android game

Android developers who want to have their apps discovered more effectively in Google Play will be glad to know that the curation team behind the popular app store have basically the same goals in mind. A recent video from Koh Kim and Dan Galpin, both who work as developer advocates for Google, talked about several ways that developers can make their apps more accessible and engaging to users, thereby increasing installs, revenue, and authority.

Needle in a Haystack: App Discovery

Think about the last time you downloaded an app. What was the process behind it? Were you influenced by a friend talking about it on a social media channel such as Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn? Did you see a commercial on the television, in your Web browsing, or even in a magazine or newsletter? According to the latest research by industry thought leaders, all of these methods are how people are primarily finding apps, especially search.

Alpha SDK Release Gives Developers a Jump Start at Writing Netbook Applications for the Intel Atom Developer Program

Developers can get a jump start to their application development using the alpha version Intel Atom Developer Program Software Development Kit for Microsoft* Windows (C and C++) and Moblin (C). Additional languages and runtimes in future SDK releases.
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  • Initial Press and Blog Coverage of Intel Atom Developer Program

    Wow! I’m still counting the number of technical press articles, blog posts, forum posts, and tweets we've received since announcing the Intel Atom Developer Program at IDF on Sept. 22 in Paul Otellini's keynote. The Intel Software Network Article, "New Opportunities for Software Developers" went live during Renee James 9/23 keynote which featured a deeper dive announcement of the program.

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