The Keys to Intel vPro Technology: HECI MEI LMS SOL UNS

It seems that our Developers are spending a lot of time looking for information about HECI drivers.  With vPro being around for many years now (we are on our 7th revision going on 8) I was wondering if this piece of Active Management Technology  is still a puzzle to developers.  In the spirit of figuring out what vPro Developers need, I went through our blogs and put together a collection of blogs here that might be helpful.

Intel AMT software: LMS, HECI, MEI... why do I need those? Part 10 in the series

Hi again!
In this post of the software series, we'll review the Local Manageability Service (or LMS). The LMS could have had his own dedicated post, but it is hard to write about LMS without talking about a driver called Intel MEI or HECI -- the origins of LMS are tightly tied with HECI and local access methods, so we will cover them together.

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