Contra Costa College - Intel - Student Code for Good Virtual Hackathon '13 Ends

This was a great hackathon.  We learned things we might not have without the hackathon.  I know for sure I did.  I was never able to setup Apache with PHP in the past because of reasons, but the hackathon had me tackle the problem until it was solved [for the entire 1st day].

Contra Costa College - Intel - Student Code for Good Virtual Hackathon '13 Begins

Finals at Contra Costa College are over & we are immediately starting the hackathon.  We have planned which house each team will stay in, ground rules for each house, the food to order, & times to check-in with each other.  We have about 50 hours together in this event.

Hackathon Tech
Some of the tech we
need for our hackathon:
computer, internet, microphone, music

Open Parallel: Optimizing Web Performance with TBB

Open Parallel is a research and development company that focuses on parallel programming and multicore development. We are a bunch of highly skilled geeks from various backgrounds that work together on problems in parallel programming and software development for multicore and manycore platforms.


$a = 'flower';
echo "She received some $as";
// 无效;字母s会被当成有效的变量名组成元素,但是这里的变量是$a
echo "She received some ${a}s"; // 有效
echo "She received some {$a}s"; // 有效;推荐的使用方法
echo "She received some $a"."s";
echo "She received some ".$a."s";
// 这两种习惯性的写法应该没有加花括号的写法简洁明了吧?
echo "She received some { $a}s";
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