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Controlling memory consumption with Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB) scalable allocator

The Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB) library provides an alternative way to allocate dynamic memory - Intel TBB scalable allocator (tbbmalloc). Its purpose is to provide better performance and scalability for memory allocation/deallocation operations in multithreaded applications, compared to the default allocator. But performance improvement comes at a price: increased memory consumption.

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  • tbb memory allocator
  • memory allocation
  • 使用Memory Allocation API检测用户自定义的内存泄漏

    我们知道,Intel® Inspector XE 2011 有一套接口函数库,比如支持在用户程序中Pause/Resume 性能分析,自定义的同步变量的识别, 帧(Frame)级别的性能分析,等。本篇要介绍的是另外一种功能,如何侦测自定义的内存泄露。即用户从自己的内存池里申请内存,而又没有释放。


      1. Include ittnotify.h, located at <install_dir>/include, in your code.

      1. Insert __itt_* notifications in appropriate places in your code.

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