Intel App Show for developers

Day 2 at IDF 2013: Intel App Show for Developers

The Intel App Show for Developers took on Day One of IDF 2013 with their insightful review of  keynotes given by new Intel CEO Brian Krzanich and new President Renee James, who gave their first IDF keynotes at the Moscone Center on IDF opening day, touching on such subjects as datacenters, ultra-mobile devices such as tablets, phones and wearables, and “lifestyle computing”.

Intel App Show 27: AppUp support for Exe files & product key for Ultrabook apps

In this episode Norm Chou joins Bob Duffy to discuss new features for packaging and submitting apps to AppUp. The latest release for AppUp allows for a broader range of installer files as well as support for apps that use product keys. Norm walks Bob thru each of these new features.

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