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20 Ways Developers Can Drive Customer Loyalty Through Ultrabook™ Apps: Part 1

It’s not enough anymore to make a fantastic app (although that certainly is part of it). Developers who want to make their fan base happy will need to do quite a bit more to ensure that users continue to use their apps after that initial download. One of the more intriguing opportunities to come along in a while for the developer ecosystem is the chance to develop apps specifically for the Ultrabook™, especially for the next-generation devices coming soon with touch sensors, geo-location, and other fun computing goodies.

Intel AppUp® now Pre-installed on Ultrabook™ Devices!

The Intel AppUp® center is now available, on Fujitsu, Lenovo, Samsung, Toshiba and Sony PC and Ultrabook devices. Customers now have access to thousands of apps for their PC and Ultrabook™ devices in just a few clicks.  Simply access the Intel AppUp Center right from the desktop shortcut icon or from the Intel AppUp Windows* 8 tile. 

You can also access and download the stores online to find your favorite app powered by Intel AppUp®:

Ultrabook™ Developers: Ten Online Resources to Help You Get Started

Ultrabooks™ - thin, powerful netbooks that offer up a whole new way of mobile computing – are gaining traction with consumers, especially as next generation devices come out this fall with touch sensors, GPS, and accelerometer. It’s a good time to be a developer when you consider that the Ultrabook device is really just getting started; we can look forward to devices coming up later this year with gesture recognition, support for perceptual computing, and voice control.

Touch Design Principles Part 3: Gestures and Discoverability

We’ve heard quite a bit about touch design principles from the always eloquent Luke W (you can read about what he came up with in his very well done video series here and here). In this third video, Luke talks about common touch gestures and how developers can incorporate elements of discoverability within their apps so these touch features are more easily discovered.

Ten reasons why Ultrabook™ developers should take a look at the Intel AppUp® Center

Developers looking for a white-hot opportunity to get their apps noticed (which pretty much takes care of every developer, right?) would do well to take a hard look at the Intel AppUp® Center, a relatively new app store offering that is quietly emerging as one of the biggest opportunities for developers on the market today – especially developers who are looking to take advantage of the emerging Ultrabook™ market.

Sexto APPLAB acontece no dia 30 de outubro em Florianópolis. Increva-se já e crie aplicativos inovadores!



A Intel e a Microsoft estão convidando os melhores desenvolvedores e empresas para participar do sexto APPLAB que acontecerá no dia 30 de outubro (Terça-Feira) no escritório da Acate em Florianópolis localizado na Rua Lauro Linhares, 589 – Primeiro andar.

Gesture Recognition: What It Looks Like On An Ultrabook™

At IDF 2012 in San Francisco, we got to witness first-hand the implementation of gesture recognition inside a next generation Ultrabook. This ain’t your mama’s gesture recognition technology, either. With the full support of a Perceptual Computing SDK and amazingly innovative features, expect some pretty futuristic apps to come out of the creative minds of savvy Ultrabook and PC developers.

What is gesture recognition?

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