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Several Things To Know When Developing Location-Aware Metro Style Apps

You can use the Window Runtime Geolocation API in developing location-aware Metro Style apps, for example, attaching geo-location information to photos, searching for local Points of Interests, plotting the hiking routes in an outdoors fitness app etc. This blog describes some aspects we found out while using the WinRT Geolocation API.

Location Providers

Pre-caching Offline Map Areas in Mobile Maps

Up until recently, mobile map services required the devices connect to a carrier data network or WiFi. This causes inconvenience for people use WiFi only, because in many cases people need to use the map services under no WiFi connection circumstance.

Recently Google Maps for Android added the map area pre-caching as a Labs feature. Here is how to it works:
First go to Google Maps Settings / Labs and check the “Pre-cache map area”:

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