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Optimizing Big Data processing with Haswell 256-bit Integer SIMD instructions

Big Data requires processing huge amounts of data. Intel Advanced Vector Extensions 2 (aka AVX2) promoted most Intel AVX 128-bits integer SIMD instruction sets to 256-bits. Intel AVX brought 256-bits floating-point SIMD instructions, but it didn't include 256-bits integer SIMD instructions. Intel AVX2 allows you to operate with the AVX 256-bits wide YMM register for integer data types. In this post, I’ll explain how developers can speedup big data processing with the new 256-bits integer SIMD instructions.

Explicit Vector Programming – Best Known Methods

Explicit Vector Programming – Best Known Methods

Why do we care about vectorizing applications? The simple answer: Vectorizing improves performance, and achieving high performance can save power. The faster an application can compute CPU-intensive regions, the faster the CPU can be set to a lower power state.

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