ibscif/Infiniband problems


I am having problems with the actual mpss 3.2 relase in combination with CentOS 5.3 and the Intel OFED stack.

The kernel version is 2.6.32-279-11.1 so I ahd to recompile the kernel modules.

As soon as I start the ofed-mic service, the infniniband connections on the host is not working any more (I tested this with a ibv_rc_pingpong). Communication with the card over scif0 interface is possible, but only with a poor bandwith (73.34 Mbit/sec). dmesg shows follwing supicous messages

clBuildProgram crashes when targetting HD 4400 Intel GPU


I am working on an open source jpeg 2000 decoder:

I am on windows, using visual studio 2012 and the 2014 beta OpenCL sdk.

My laptop has an intel CPU and an HD4400 intel GPU.  When I target the CPU,

everything works fine. But, when I target the GPU, clBuildProgram crashes with an access




Summary Video: Solution Optimization at Hyperscale

OpenStack is the leading open source cloud environment, and Intel is proud to be a major upstream contributor. Learn about our optimizations for performance, security, and more.  Watch this 2-minute summary of the 5-minute Red Hat/Intel video on YouTube.

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  • Speculative Parallel DFA Membership Tests

    In a recent paper published in the International Journal of Parallel Programming, Yousun Ko, Minyoung Jung, Yo-Sub Han and Bernd Burgstaller presented techniques to parallelize memberships tests for Deteministic Finite Automata (DFAs). With the use of the Intel Academic Program Manycore Testing Lab, the team was able to conduct experiments to drive research conclusions.

    How to use gather operations on MIC

    Hi i want to gather a some elements from a array whose indices are specified in "index". Here is the code i have written.

    int main()
    float* arrA = (float*)_mm_malloc(sizeof(float)*500,64);
    float* arrB = (float*)_mm_malloc(sizeof(float)*500,64);

    for(int i=0; i <42; i++)
    arrA[i] =(float )i;
    arrB[i] = (float)1;

    Xeon Phi causing PC to freeze

    For some time now, my PC has been freezing periodically - about once every 2 days, the screen looks normal, but mouse, keyboard etc. do not respond and I have to hold the power key in to restart.

    By process of elimination, the culprit appears to be the Xeon Phi 3120A card - I just took the card out and ran the PC for a month without a freezing incident.
    Put it back in and it froze the same day.

    I have tried it in both possible expansion slots - froze with both.

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