Intel Graphics Beta Driver for Windows 10

As the Windows 10 launch is a few weeks away many people are interested in Beta graphics drivers for Intel Graphics on Windows 10. In Intel is taking a different approach for Windows 10 and is providing Beta drivers to Microsoft directly. The Intel drivers will be available to via Windows Update.  Many people are accustomed to getting Beta drivers for pre-release Windows directly from Intel, so we’ve taken extra care to make sure the Windows Update process is as seamless and trouble-free as possible.

micnativeloadex problem


I am trying to run a program natively using micnativeloadex but ran into a few problems.

a) I set: export SINK_LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/intel/composer_xe_2015.3.187/compiler/lib/mic/

b) I compiled with: "icpc -mmic -qopenmp -o test_native"

c) micnativeloadex test_native

It seems the SINK_LD_LIBRARY_PATH isn't been set. The result I get is:

ANSYS* Scales Simulation Performance

The Need for Speed in Simulation-Based Design

Engineering simulation software has changed how companies design products, enabling them to explore and test more design options faster, while reducing the need for physical prototyping. ANSYS software has played a central role in this transition and is now used by 96 of the top 100 industrial companies on the FORTUNE 500* list.

  • Desarrolladores
  • Profesores
  • Estudiantes
  • Intel® Math Kernel Library
  • Ansys Mechanical
  • Modernización de código
  • Arquitectura Intel® para muchos núcleos integrados
  • Subprocesos
  • Resumo do Intel IoT Roadshow de Junho de 2015 em São Paulo

    Nos dias 19 e 20 de Junho de 2015, realizamos em São Paulo mais uma edição do Intel IoT Roadshow com foco no Intel Edison.

    Participaram do evento 115 desenvolvedores e 42 projetos foram desenvolvidos. Conseguimos fazer videos da maioria deles, e publicamos aqui a lista completa dos projetos (com links para os projetos que foram compartilhados) e os videos de cada um.

    O vídeo abaixo resume o que foi o evento!

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