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Connecting to Intel® Edison from Android* with Bluetooth* LE (BLE)


Bluetooth* LE (BLE) communication use is exploding both in commercial products and hobby applications, mainly due to its low-cost and low-power requirements. This makes it an excellent choice when you want to communicate from your Android* phone or tablet to your Intel® Edison or Intel® Galileo projects.

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  • Using the Audio Jack as Data Interface on Android* Systems


    As one of the interfaces on mobile devices and tablets, the key function of the audio jack is to play music. However, its other usage cannot be ignored—the audio jack can also be used to transmit data.

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  • How do I file a bug report about HAXM?

    So far in this thread: we have several people with Core 2 Duos who can't start HAXM on Mac OSX. The machines are quite different from each other (different graphic cards, etc), and the main common theme is Core 2 Duo on Mac. I can't find an example of somebody succesfully using latest HAXM on a Core 2 Duo Mac. It seems likely this is an issue with HAXM.

    Android Apps For The Intel Platform Learning Series:Performance Optimization for Android Applications on x86

    Performance optimization is one of the most important goals every application developer wants to pursue. Android is a resource-limited system, and it therefore requires very strict resource utilization. Compared with a desktop system, performance optimization for Android applications is far more critical. Different applications have different areas of focus regarding optimization. Performance optimization for Android systems generally falls into three categories: application running speed, code size, and power consumption.

    使用Cocos2d-x 3.0或更新版本创建多平台游戏


    在本教程中,您将了解到如何使用 3.0 版或更高版本 Cocos2d-x 框架在 Windows* 开发环境中创建简单的游戏,以及如何实施编译以便它在 Windows 和 Android* 上运行。

    Cocos2d-x 是什么?

    Cocos2d-x 是一种跨平台的游戏(及互动书本等其他图形应用)框架,基于 iOS* cocos2d,但使用 C++、JavaScript* 或 Lua*,而非 Objective-C*。

    该框架的一个优势在于支持创建可部署于不同平台(Android、iOS、Win32、Windows* Phone、Mac*、Linux* 等)上的游戏,有助于保持相同的代码库,只需针对每种平台进行特定的调整。

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