Using compilervars File

Before you invoke the compiler component of the Intel® System Studio (ISS) you must set certain environment variables that define the location of compiler-related components.

The Intel® C++ Compiler includes the compilervars scripts that you can run to set environment variables.

Android* Platform

Intel® C++ Compiler is compatible with the GCC compiler in the Android* NDK and can be used to develop applications for x86-based devices running on Android target systems. The Android NDK can be downloaded from

With the Intel compiler and Android NDK you can develop Android applications on Windows* or Linux* hosts.

Building Android* Applications Using Microsoft* Visual Studio* IDE [vs-android Enabled]

This topic applies to C++, Windows*, and Android* only.

If you have integrated the vs-android plugin with Microsoft* Visual Studio* v2010, 2012 or 2013, you can build Android* applications using the Intel® C/C++ Compiler from within the IDE.


The vs-android plugin is not supported for Microsoft* Visual Studio* 2015.

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