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Are data structures always contiguous?

Does anyone know if a data structure such as the one below is always contiguous in memory? I can't quite tell from the documentation.

   INTEGER*4  IntArray(10)
   REAL*8  FltArray(23)
   CHARACTER  String*100
   INTEGER*4  Flag

RECORD /Fred/ MyStructure(12)

I have tried adding the CONTIGUOUS attribute to my declaration but the compiler doesn't like it and so I am assuming that it is always contiguous.

Global compiler properties

Hi all,

I am looking for a method of standardizing compiler/linker settings across 50 solutions, 280 C/C++ projects and 110 Fortran projects. I'm using Studio 2010 and Fortran XE 2011. I use win32.props and win64.props in a root directory to apply C/C++ settings globally, but I have to resort to writing sed and bash scripts to globally apply Fortran settings (or kill brain cells editing by hand).

How do other developers handle global Fortran compiler settings?

Driving ifort form a script

I'm currently driving the ifort command from a script (tcl/tk). Although I have it working there are two problems that I'd like to sort out:

  1. I have to run the script from a shortcut (or bat file) that sets up the ifort vars, is it possible to get the environment variables without DOS?
  2. when ifort runs it briefly creates many DOS windows, how should I invoke the ifort command so that this doesn't happen? The problem seems to be being caused by fortcom.exe.



Help needed to check whether another program is running

Does anyone have an example of how to check whether another program is running from within Fortran?

I think the WinAPI function is GetProcesses, but can't find anything else.

What I'm trying to do is to run multiple copies of a program by creating a commnad file which uses the START command, execute it using SYSTEMQQ, and then once all copies have completed, collate all the results.




open files in ms mpi application

Hi all,

I have MS 2007-Access application with an own code program running on Win 7 profissional ed. The own code calls a 32-bit-fortran .dll program compiled by Ms Power Station 4.0. The dll calls msmpiexec to execute a 64-bit-fortran .exe program by a number of processes on multiple i3-PCs. The .exe is compiled by ifort 11.01.051. The question is how many data files may I open all in all and how many files in concurrent, in the application as a whole, in each program, and in each process?

Best regards.

Prof. Dr. Said El Noshokaty

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