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Format label and Contains block

Hi all,

i'm working on a main routine with many other subroutine in a contains block. In the main one, I defined some format labels but I can't use them in the contains block : they are no more defined. At the moment, I avoid this problem by redefined format labels in each subroutine in the contains block ; but this solution isn't really suitable. Is there a way to define these labels only once ?



Can I compile a program here that will run on a tablet?

I guess its a different operating system entirely, but is there a way to generate executable code here

that I can migrate over to a tablet? Or does that require a separate compiler I would have to install on the


I am not even sure I can compile any Fortran programs on a tablet.

Heap corruption from VB callback

The attached project is a distillation of an error that I am having when calling a Fortran DLL from a VB.Net executable.

We are trying to use a callback from the Fortran to display output in a VB rich text box. The included project is from Visual Studio 2012 and Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE 2013 SP1 Update 1.

This is the routine causing the error:

CALL for attention and discussion: recent paper comparing an equation solver implementation in Fortran vs C++ vs Python

NOTE: this is a copy of the thread at the Linux forum.  My apologies to those who have seen it there - I'm posting it here with the hope of getting more comments and feedback and generating some discussion amongst the Windows users.


Debugging a console program


I have a console program that uses command line arguments like

app.exe  inp1.txt inp2.txt  out1.txt  out2.bmp

and I use 

call GETARG(3,fln1)  

call GETARG(4,fln2) 

to supply the filenames for the out1.txt and out2.bmp

For reading these input files I have 


and the File =  ' ' takes in inp1.txt and a separate one for inp2.txt

Underscore prefix



           I am trying to build a fortran project with a 'c' library named PETSc. During compilation some functions are missing, and they appear as    unresolved externals after linking. It seems that the problem is the underscore prefix inside the 'c' funtions. How can I turn off that option to avoid these errors?




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