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common block problem in openmp Fortran

my code is:

 ! Loop which I want to parallelize
 !$OMP parallel DO
 I = 1, N
 call FORD(i,j)
 !$OMP END parallel DO
 end program

  subroutine FORD(i,j)
  logical servo,genflg,lapflg
  dimension c(nvarc)
  dimension zl(3),zg(3),v1(3,3),v2(3,3),rn(3),
 .          rcg1(3),rcg2(3),ru1(3),ru2(3),
 .          rott1(3),rott2(3),velr(3),dt(3),
 .          dfs(3),ftu(3),fnr(3),amomet(3
  common /contact/ iab11,iab22,xx2,yy2,zz2,
 .                 ra1,rb1,rc1,ra2,rb2,rc2,
 .                 v1,v2,
 .                 xg1,yg1,zg1,xg2,yg2,zg2

How to I determine at runtime what vector instructions are being used when compiling with -ax

In a few weeks, we will have another generation of Intel HPC system.  We will have systems that support SSE4.2 (Nehalem, Westmere), AVX (SandyBridge, IvyBridge), and CORE-AVX2 (Haswell) optimizations.  Since the compile nodes are being upgraded to Haswell as well, I want to tell the users to specify something different than -xHost when using Intel Fortran so binaries can be backwards compatible and run on any of the clusters.  I planned to tell the users to use -xSSE4.2 -axCORE-AVX2,AVX.


My questions are:


compiler error: undefined reference to `for_ifcore_version'

I wanted to compile a code with mpif90 (which i got from openmpi compiled with the intel compiler) but I get the error:

/opt/intel/compilers_and_libraries_2016.0.109/linux/compiler/lib/intel64/ undefined reference to `for_ifcore_version'

I have the Intel Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition for Fortran and C++ (Linux) (parallel_studio_xe_2016.0.047) installed.

I started with loading the environment variables:

source /opt/intel/compilers_and_libraries/linux/bin/ -arch intel64 -platform linux

about Parallel Studio XE 2015 Composer/Cluster Editions

Some questions about Intel Parallel Studio XE 2015 Composer/Cluster Editions for Linux

1) Am I correct, that there is now no "only Fortran version" (ifort w/o C) for Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition?

2)  Composer Edition includes MKL,  MKL library includes  PBLAS, which may be used in cluster.
 Intel MKL PBLAS is based on MPI. May I translate (using Intel C compiler) any free MPI library, or must use (and purchase therefore additionally to MKL) only Intel MPI ?

Making a bootable micro SD Card with Mac* OS X*


You can boot your MinnowBoard MAX* using a micro SD card that contains the latest Intel® IoT Developer Kit version of the Yocto* built, Linux image. Use the following steps in this topic to create the bootable micro SD card.


You must have a few things to begin

Download and extract the image

This section contains steps to download and extract the latest developer kit version of the Linux image.

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