Intel XDK: Einführung zur Cross-Plattform Entwicklung mit HTML5 und JavaScript

Die Microsoft Virtual Academy veröffentlichte ein kostenfreies Video-Training, das einen Einstieg zur Cross-Plattform Entwicklung bietet.

Der Kurs baut auf 6 Module auf:
- Die Cross-Plattform Entwicklung
- Das Intel XDK
- Das Intel App Framework
- Responsive Webdesign
- Sensoren
- Web-Services

Passend zu jedem Modul gibt es einen sogenannten "Selbstbewertungstest". Insgesamt gibt es 65 Punkte.

Intel® Developer Zone: Premier Resource Center for Cross Platform Apps

The changing world of software development is creating exciting opportunities for developers with multiple devices, platforms/OS environments and new categories of applications which must run across multiple platforms.

Developers are looking for critical knowledge about these new platforms technologies, resources to help sharpen their expertise, tools to reduce effort of porting code across multiple platforms, and opportunities to extend their market reach and discoverability.

Use Intel® System Studio to optimize your Tizen* IVI automotive software stack

Intel® System Studio (http://intel.ly/system-studio) is now optimized and tested for Tizen* IVI (https://wiki.tizen.org/wiki/IVI ). Having a compiler that takes advantage of the latest optimizations for the Intel® Atom(TM) Processor E38xx, including Intel® Streaming SIMD Exttensions 4.2  (Intel® SSE 4.2) and the latest in memory access, cache utilization and instruction pipeline optimizations.

What's New in App Framework 2.1

I realized that my release blogs have all focused on the Intel® XDK and have been remiss in mentioning updates to App Framework. App Framework is our open source, mobile app framework for creating responsive, cross-platform, app UI's with a native look-and-feel. This 2.1 release is a milestone in its continued development and maintenance. We have gotten lots of feedback from the community over the past year or so about the lack of documentation of the APIs, and the ability to really see how this framework helps app development.

Tizen SDK for Wearable(可穿戴设备)发布

针对最近被炒得热火朝天的可穿戴设备, Tizen SDK也成功发布了相应的版本 - https://developer.tizen.org/downloads/tizen-sdk#wearable

在上面的链接可以下载到安装文件和SDK image, 笔者尝试了windows 64bits的版本,运行Tizen IDE for Wearable->New Project开始创建基于可穿戴设备的web应用


Intel XDK: Develop Once, Deploy Everywhere

*Post by Fredrick Odhiambo, Intel East Africa

Over the last couple of months, Intel has been improving the various aspects of the Intel XDK.  Intel XDK uses HTML5 to enable the development of cross-platform applications for both Desktop and Mobile.

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  • 有关在Tizen IVI上基于Wayland的EFL的介绍

    Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL) 是组成DR17窗口管理器的一系列库,主要用于创建一系列图形应用程序。Wayland只是一个协议(Protocol),就像X Window当前的协议——X11一样,它只定义了display server(wayland compositor)如何与Client通讯. EFL应用可以基于X也可以基于Wayland.

    在目前最新的Tizen IVI 3.0 image里面http://download.tizen.org/releases/milestone/tizen/ivi/tizen_20140115.4/images/,已经是基于wayland实现的了。那作为EFL应用开发人员来说,在开发基于wayland的应用过程中有什么需要特别注意的地方吗?需要知道的是Porting EFL以及 E17窗体到Wayland目前持续处于开发增强阶段,详细介绍可以参阅http://wayland.freedesktop.org/efl.html。

    Intel® XDK Update for February 2014

    With this release, we’re starting to convert our runtime containers to use Cordova* 3.x. The Cordova folks have really done a nice job extending the architecture to more easily allow plugins of different types and we look forward to taking advantage of that. We are releasing our first cut (a developer preview) of Cordova 3.x for Android, with the IntelXDK device APIs implemented as Cordova plugins.
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