Error #6634. COMMON Variable is being passed to C


I am currently trying to convert our Powerstation 4.0 Fortran code to Intel Visual Fortran to achieve better debugging possibies. The application is a mix between C, C++ and Fortran 77. A lot of posts in this forum helped me a great deal to walk this path. But now I encountered an error, where I don't know how to solve it properly.

I recieve the following two errors, which both relate to the line CALL SPROT(LFL) in x.f:

error #6633: The type of the actual argument differs from the type of the dummy argument.   [LFL]

debug error


I recently upgraded both a desktop and laptop to VS2015 (community) and Fortran Composer XE 2016.  Everything works fine on the desktop, but the debugger doesn't work on the laptop.  When I attempt to debug the exact same solution on the laptop, I receive the message "Frame not in module", under which there is the message "The current stack frame was not found in a loaded module. Source cannot be shown for this location".  I guess there is a setting somewhere that needs fixing, but I do not know where to start.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

executable hanging in OpenMP region

We updated from version 13.1 of the compiler to for a large CFD FORTRAN code and started having cases of the solver hanging: sitting in memory with 0% CPU used. Here are the observations so far:

1. happens only on Windows.

2. running on a single thread works fine.

3. the executable runs for a while before it hangs. restarting the solver from an intermediate time runs fine.

4. for the cases we have so far, it hangs in different parts of the code, but for a given case it always hangs at the same location.

Problem installing Intel Fortran Compiler XE 2015 on Linux


I am having troubles downloading intel fortran/c++ compiler 15 (professional) linux (specifically CentOS 6.6)

I have followed the instructions.

1. I extracted the tgz archive 

2. I ran the script (activated 31 day trial)

3. ran the script

So it should be complete at this point? I try running 

ifort -v

and the command is not recognized.


Secondly, I have tried adding the following to my .bashrc file:

export LDLIBRARYPATH="/opt/intel/advisor_xe/lib64"

Within Fortran, Call Matlab


I have a question about how to call Matlab script within Fortran, which performs Matlab parallel computing "parfor" syntax. Basically, I am solving a problem in Fortran which is mainly a Do-Loop. For each iteration, I write out a series from Fortran for a Matlab script to read in, process through "parfor", and write back to Fortran. Fortran iteration continues until convergence.

In my Fortran codes, I use call system to let the shell return to Linux commands and call matlab, run matlab script, exit matlab and return to Fortran.

what's wrong with this IF statement

Is there a problem with the following syntax?  Even though IOUT is .false. and IHEAD=1 and ITAIL=400, the code still runs the statement inside the IF.  I can even select the entire expression inside the IF (   )  and the debugger says it evaluates to FALSE.  What the heck is going on?

           CALL UMD2ER (1, ICNTL, INFO, -3, INFO (19))


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