software requirements for compilation of .dll files

I write fortran subroutines that need to be compiled to a 64bit .dll file for linking to a commercial software that specifies a system requirement of Windows 7 64 bit,  Intel Visual fortran of 11.1 or higher and Microsoft Visual C++ .Net Standard, and that the compilation is carried out with the command ifort /DLL /libs:static /threads jobname.f. I have been doing this at my place of work (university) but now I want to be able to work from home. My PC at home has Windows 7 64bit  but I do not have Microsoft Visual Studio.

Installer problems

Every time I try to update Intel Fortran or C++, I end up with problems during install. This discourages me from upgrading. Even if I decide to uninstall all compilers first, starting afresh with the installers, the install procedure tells me I already have the product installed and it asks if I like to upgrade. Sure, this is probably a bug in my registry keys (which I have not touched) or the windows installer.  Trying to remedy this with wiindows troubleshooters do not work, and the troubleshooter instructs me to download a second troubleshooter which fails to diagnose the problem.

Post Expiry


We have a floating license of Fortran from 2009 that we haven't renewed. We are looking at upgrading the license to the newest version. If I was to purchase a post expiry license will that upgrade my license to the newest version or will it only upgrade it to the 2010 version and I would need to purchase 6 copies to get to the 2015 version. In that case it would be cheaper to just buy a new copy.



Updating Parallel Studio XE 2015 Fortran Composer


I have downloaded several times the full installation package for update 2 of the 2015 Fortran Composer (w_compxe_2015.2.179.exe).

I logged in on the registration center using my personal credentials (personal license).

On my home computer I can install this update without any problem.

Now I copied the full installation package to my work computer (different license, but valid for this package and I got administrator rights on this machine).

Strange behavior in memory analysis

Hi all,

I have run a memory analysis (the widest scope memory analysis type) via Inpsector XE 2013. It includes analysing of stack acceses, to cach uninitialized arrays/variables.

Attached is a PNG figure with the results.

Note the strange behavior in Polar_HUCM.F90 module, which imply there is uninitialized memory access in line 119. However, note that line 120 is identical in terms of using the same arrays and specifically the same part of the array being controlled by "kb" loop.

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