How to create new room & enable recording in Basic Sample?

Hi, I have installed Intel Collaboration Suite for WebRTC. I am able to connect multiple endpoints and can see mixed stream without any issues. I have 2 questions. I have tried creating new room by changing basicServer.js but not able to achieve. I would like to have at-least 4-5 rooms along with recording option. Could you please help me or share a sample for multiple rooms and recording option.

In-App Purchases

Many popular mobile apps rely on in-app purchases to monetize and generate revenue for their published apps. With Apache Cordova* plugins, HTML5 developers can develop mobile applications that can utilize Apple StoreKit* and Google Play Services* in-app billing.

How to Access JSON Data

Most apps use some kind of data source to display content in the app. Facebook*, Twitter*, Instagram*, and Maps apps all access data from a server. Many also provide RESTful service APIs so app developers can create apps that access their data. In most cases the data is available in JSON format, which is accessed asynchronously, parsed in the app and then displayed in the app’s user interface.

Emulate Tab Tutorial

Use the EMULATE tab to quickly view changes you make to your project files and check the functionality and layout of your hybrid app on a collection of virtual mobile devices. Use this tab to open a version of the Google Chrome* Developer Tools (CDT) debugger and directly debug your app's JavaScript* code, CSS rules and DOM elements. After you test and debug your app, run and test your app on a real mobile device.
Suscribirse a JavaScript*