The Last Line Effect


I have studied numbers of errors caused by using the Copy-Paste method and can assure you that programmers most often tend to make mistakes in the last fragment of a homogeneous code block. I have never seen this phenomenon described in books on programming, so I decided to write about it myself. I called it the "last line effect".

Null Pointer Dereferencing Causes Undefined Behavior

I have unintentionally raised a large debate recently concerning the question if it is legal in C/C++ to use the &P->m_foo expression with P being a null pointer. The programmers' community divided into two camps. The first claimed with confidence that it wasn't legal while the others were as sure saying that it was. Both parties gave various arguments and links, and it occurred to me at some point that I had to make things clear. For that purpose, I contacted Microsoft MVP experts and Visual C++ Microsoft development team communicating through a closed mailing list.

Using the Unity* Toolkit’s SendMessage Action with Intel® RealSense™ Technology

This tutorial shows you how to use the Intel® RealSense™ Unity* Toolkit SendMessage action, which allows you to call a function from another script whenever an Intel RealSense application event is triggered.
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  • StdAfx.h

    This article is meant for those programmers who are only getting started with the Visual Studio environment and trying to compile their C++ projects under it. Everything looks strange and complicated in an unfamiliar environment, and novices are especially irritated by the stdafx.h file that causes strange errors during compilation. Pretty often it all ends in them diligently turning off all precompiled headers in every project. We wrote this article to help Visual Studio newcomers to figure it all out.

    Intel® Galileo Gen 2 Board Assembly using Eclipse* and Intel® XDK IoT Edition



    Plug the DC power supply into the wall and the Intel Galileo board.

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