OpenMP Shared Arrays

I have two questions about WRITE/READ operations on shared arrays.
 1) In my program I write a different element of a given shared array at every iteration of an OpenMP-parallelized DO LOOP. The results that I get should be right but I'm just wondering whether this is fine or I should enclose the READ/WRITE section in a CRITICAL block. Then, I also READ elements from a shared array without modifying them and it seems to work. Are these procedures correct?

Why you should be developing for the Internet of Things

If you thought the invention of the World Wide Web resulted in massive business and societal change, you haven’t seen anything yet! The Internet of Things has been described as the evolution of the Internet, and it has the potential to drastically transform lives and industries.

Until now, only humans were able to connect to the Internet. The new era of connectivity sees everyday objects equipped with network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data without any human interaction.

[Bug] OSX Yosemite 10.10 fails when compiling

# ProductName:    Mac OS X
# ProductVersion:    10.10.3
# BuildVersion:    14D136

curl -O https://www.openmprtl.org/sites/default/files/libomp_20150401_oss.tgz
gunzip -c libomp_20150401_oss.tgz | tar xopf -
cd libomp_oss

in line 124..126 of libomp_oss/src/makefile.mk:
ifeq "$(os)" "mac"
    mac_os_new := $(shell /bin/sh -c 'if ; then echo "1"; else echo "0"; fi')

Participe do Intel IoT Roadshow 2015 - Sao Paulo

Nos dias 19 e 20 de Junho, vamos realizar em São Paulo, no Insper, a edição brasileira do Intel IoT Roadshow 2015, uma série de 20 eventos que serão realizados em diversos países, divulgando o kit para desenvolvimento de IoT da Intel.

Com o formato de hackathon, iremos utilizar no evento a placa Intel Edison e o Grove Starter Kit, em conjunto com o kit para desenvolvimento de IoT da Intel, um conjunto de softwares e bibliotecas Open Source que permitem o desenvolvimento de soluções utilizando a IDE do Arduino, Javascript (node.js), C/C++, Python e Scratch (via Wyliodrin).

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