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Option Qcheck-pointers-mpx:rw breaks ICC 16.0 with error 010101_0


I'm trying to build Google Test library with ICC and option -Qcheck-pointers-mpx:rw . Compilation stops with an error:
": : error : 010101_0 [googletest\googletest\msvc\gtest.vcxproj]

There is a build script for VS2015 at github:

Software: Intel(R) Compiler 16.0 Update 1 (package 146), Visual Studio 2015 Update 1

Will you help me with this problem?

Yet another C++11 error (RTTI deactivated ?)


The minimalist code found here cannot be compiled with icpc version 16.0.1 (gcc version 5.0.0 compatibility)

$  icpc -std=c++11 function.cpp                                                                                                 
function.cpp(9): error: class "std::function<int (int, int)>" has no member "target"
      if (<std::plus<int>>())

Possible to install Parallel Studio 2011 and Parallel Studio XE 2016 on one PC

Hi staff,

I am using Parallel Studio 2011 and Visual Studio 2008. 

But I'd like to install more Parallel Studio XE 2016 and Visual Studio 2015.

First, I've installed Visual Studio 2015. Then, I continue to install Parallel Studio XE 2016 and get the message:

Standalone installation of Intel Parallel Studio XE 20xx

I think that was asked many-many times in the past but this time, after reading Intel Parallel Studio XE 2016 installation requirements, I'd like to address the problem again.

Could we have Standalone, that is without Microsoft Visual Studio but with some Platform SDK, installations of latest versions of Intel C++ compiler?

Intel C++ Compiler rejects presumably valid code with out-of-line template member function definition

Intel C++ Compiler (EDG-based frontend) rejects the following code:

template <typename Descriptor>
class hash_table
  typedef int value_type;

  template <typename Argument, int Callback (value_type *, Argument)>
  void traverse (Argument);

template <typename Descriptor>
template <typename Argument, int Callback (typename hash_table <Descriptor>::value_type *, Argument)>
void hash_table <Descriptor>::traverse (Argument) {}

with the following error message:

Intel® Memory Protection Extensions Enabling Guide

This document describes Intel® Memory Protection Extensions (Intel® MPX), its motivation, and programming model. It also describes the enabling requirements and the current status of enabling in the supported OSs: Linux* and Windows* and compilers: Intel® C++ Compiler, GCC, and Visual C++*. Finally, the paper describes how ISVs can incrementally enable bounds checking in their Intel MPX applications.
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