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Issues after removing intel parallel studio


Visual Studio 2008 was building my fortran project fine until I removed the intell parallel studio from the control panel. Now it gives me a microsoft development evnironment message saying "Configurtaion Debug|Win32 requires compiler support for the Win32 platform but not installed. What has gone wrong here?




Fortran ==> C Interporability , and C Strutures

Hello everybody,

I have a problem when there are severals structures (and depandancy ???)

Consider this example :


# include <stdio .h>

# include <stdlib .h>

# include <string .h>

# include <math .h>

typedef struct


int i, j;

} Pair ;

calling the subroutine expecting multi-dimension array with the address of one-dimension array


    I write a subroutine setrx and setix expecting a multi-dimensional array.
When they are called in main code, an address of a location in a one dimensional array
can be passed to them.  It works well.

   But After I put the setrx and setix in a interface, calling the setx with the address
of one-dimension array will lead compile errors.

  I  need the help. Thanks in advance.

CONTIGUOUS attribute for dummy arguments: what happens when the actual argument is not contiguous?


The code listed below compiles and runs without any errors in Intel Fortran XE 2013 Update 2 (  And it writes out a result value of false for the statement on line 27.  But do you think this is correct?  I was expecting a compiler error given the CONTIGUOUS attribute on the dummy argument in AssumedShape subroutine?  Does it not require that the actual argument has to be simply contiguous and which is not the case here?

You would recall from the Fortran 2008 standard:

output from fortran to excel

hi everybody,

at firts i apologise my english after that,

i am using visual fortran for my acedemic thesis. i dont know fortran very well.

in my programme, i took a output excel file but when i took my output every data, all my data wrote first box in excel. for example i wanna took data for  first iteration a1, a2, a3 and second b1, b2, b3 but every data write one by one in a1 and b1.


how can i correct my false, would you help me



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