Intel® MPI Library

Hydra Service


Hydra Service agent.


hydra_service.exe [ -install | -regserver ] [ -start ] [ -stop ] \

[ -remove | -unregister | -uninstall ] [ -register_spn ]




Install the hydra service

Active Directory Setup

To enable the delegation in the Active Directory* do the following:

  1. Log in on the domain controller under the admin account

  2. Enable the delegation for cluster nodes:

    1. Open the Computers list in the Active Directory Users and Computers administrative utility

    2. Right click on a desired computer object and select Properties

Secure Loading of Dynamic Link Libraries

The Intel® MPI Library provides enhanced security options for the loading of Dynamic Link Libraries*. You can enable the enhanced security mode for the dynamic library loading, as well as define a set of directories in which the library will attempt to locate an external DLL*.

The security options are placed in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Intel\MPI protected Windows* registry key. The location prevents the options from being changed with non-administrative privileges.

Gathering Statistics

If you want to collect statistics on MPI functions used in your application, you can set the I_MPI_STATS environment variable to a number, between 1 to 10. This environment variable controls the amount of statistics information collected and the output to the log file. By default, no statistics are gathered.

For details, see Statistics Gathering Mode in Intel® MPI Library Reference Manual for Linux* OS.

Tuning Applications Manually

There is a family of I_MPI_ADJUST_* environment variables that allow you to manually tune the collective operations of the Intel® MPI Library. By setting a range of message sizes and choosing different algorithms, you can improve the performance of your application. For more information, see the I_MPI_ADJUST Family topic in Intel® MPI Library Reference Manual for Linux* OS for details.

Environment Problems

Environmental errors may happen when there are problems with the system environment, such as mandatory system services are not running, shared resources are unavailable and so on.

When you encounter environmental errors, check the environment. For example, verify the current state of important services.

Example 1

Symptom/Error Message

librdmacm: Warning: couldn't read ABI version.

librdmacm: Warning: assuming: 4

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