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Reversed View


I've just downloaded the evaluation version of VTune_Amplifier_XE_2015_update2 and tried using it for performance evaluation.

The performance evaluation has succeeded, but the problem is that I see all the text reversed (from right to left), hence I cannot understand the names of functions etc. Actually all the view panel is reversed.

Can anyone give me an advice about how to solve this problem?


vtune cannot connect to mic


I'm trying to use Vtune on a host with Xeon Phi cards. I have Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor (native) as the target system and 0(mic0) as the card number in the amplxe-gui. When I try to do an analysis, vtune complains:

ssh: Could not resolve hostname 0(mic0): Name or service not known

(see attached screen shot for vtune version info and the error message)

Vtune 2015 Update 2 stopped working on some VS2010 solutions


I've just upgraded to Update 2 (from update 1) running inside VS2010.  On some C++ solutions I'm finding the New Analysis and Project properties greyed out and I can run any analysis on those projects.  The solutions still have the the results files from the previous version and I can open those fine.  On other solutions I've checked the New Analysis button isn't greyed out and I can run those without problem.

administrative privileges issue when using VTune Amplifier


            I  am trying to use VTune Amplifier with demo project in C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\VTune Amplifier XE 2015\samples\en\C++, but not sure why it reports below issue, so look for help here

             It says:  Collection failed.The data cannot be displayed.  Highly accurate CPU time collection is disabled for this analysis.To enable this feature, run the product with the administrative privileges.  [Instrumentation Engine]: SYSCALL_INSPECTOR:Too long trace in the NTDLL!NtSetContextThread function.

Cannot install trial edition of VTune 2015

It extracts the files, then dies. If I keep the files around and run setup.exe manually it starts, then dies on "loading product.xml".

The bottom of the log file reads:

[t1410 2015.02.24 16.04.08 00000637] [wi_presenter]: INFO: Get clients for following component set: {3149A017-83E0-4629-AFDF-FACF72327B47}
[t1410 2015.02.24 16.04.08 00000638] [msistd]: INFO: Internal call: error code: 259 (No more data is available.
), call: MsiEnumClients( component.c_str(), i, guid ), function:msistd::CInstaller::ComponentClients, file:sources\stdInstallLib.cpp, line:981

Lack of Ivy Bridge support in current VTune

Slide 9 of

shows a Sandy Bridge/Ivy Bridge Analysis category of pre-configured profiles.  However, with the XE2015 Update 2, there are categories for Sandy Bridge and Haswell, but none (besides General) which work for Ivy Bridge (see attached).   Which version of VTune, if any, is recommended for Ivy Bridge Memory Access analysis on

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