Linux Surface sharing (intel/vaapi)

Hi all,

I'm wokring in linux and I have a encoder/decoder that it is encoding and decoding good. Now, I want to perform a HW render so, I want to share the surfaces. I'm getting the surface from the MemID from Intel and I create all the necessary stuff to set up the VASurfaceID in VAAPI but it always returns invalid VASurfaceID.

I have perform the same idea under windows using DXVA and it works perfectly, So, there is any clue about why using VAAPI when vaCopySurfaceGLX function is executed to copy the VA surface to VA/GLX surface it returns bad VASurfaceID?

Intel MediaServerStudioEssentials2015R6 problem of running hardware transcoding

When I use the hardware transcoding,the usage rate of CPU is too high.But the  type information shows that  it called the graphics card to transcode the Media. When i use the hardware transcoding to transcode 7 video together ,the usage rate becomes nearly 100% .

I think about that the hardware use not the CPU but GPU.Why my transcoding program shows that it use the CPU ?



VPP Resize yuy2 output problem


I am running into a problem when using the sample_vpp application to scale yuy2 video.  In this test I used the compiled sample_vpp.exe provided in the MediaSDK installation.  Note that this same process does work with rgb4 input and output.

Test case 1: sample_vpp -lib sw -sw 1920 -sh 1080 -scc yuy2 -dw 960 -dh 540 -dcc yuy2 -n 1 -i aspen.yuv -o aspen_scaled.yuv

The output image is the correct size but appears to be in a planar format based on trying to view in YUVTools.  So then I tried not scaling by keeping the output size to match the input size:

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  • Cant find the h265 hw decoder lib and GUID after installing professional edition evalution


                I install the professional edition evalution on intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1285 v3 with centos 7.1,  but in /opt/intel/mediasdk/plugins i dont find the and dont find the h265 hw GUID in the file of plugin.cfg.


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