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Resolving problem when building HDF5* with Intel® compiler 14.0


To build the latest HDF5* with Intel® compiler 14.0, a segmantation fault occurs when running "make check". This article is to provide a solution in resolving this issue. The information in this article is assuming you already undertand how to build HDF5* with Intel compilers by reading Building HDF5* with Intel® compilers.

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    In spite of the fact that the Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB) library [1] [2] provides high-level task based parallelism intended to hide software thread management, sometimes thread related problems arise. One of these problems is thread affinity [3]. Since thread affinity may help to optimize cache performance [3] [4] and consequently overall performance, this topic cannot be avoided.

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    Recent innovations in data warehousing and business analytics dramatically increase the capability and potential value of today’s massive, diverse, and often fast-moving data flows. Companies now perform interactive queries and predictive analytics using all available data, including operational data and the huge amounts of poly-structured data available from logs, social networks, sensors, and many other sources. In this white paper, we define a practical, cost-effective infrastructure for supporting data-driven decision-making on an enterprise scale.

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