Highest valid sub-leaf index of CPUID(EAX = 0DH)


I refer to the document of ISA extensions at <https://software.intel.com/sites/default/files/managed/07/b7/319433-023..... (page 2-18)



The highest valid sub-leaf index, n, is




How to obtain this formula of the highest valid sub-leaf index of CPUID.0DH?

Build Problem - OFFLOAD MIC


i am trying to compile a version of my code in which i use OFFLOAD on MIC. I am able to obtain all *.o files but when i try to link them i receive a lot of errors like this:

x86_64-k1om-linux-ld: skipping incompatible /opt/intel/composer_xe_2015.2.164/compiler/lib/intel64/libifport.so.5 when searching for libifport.so.5

My previous code was only MPI-OPENMP without offload. I changed only three files and compiled them using -qoflload=mandatory. I obtain *.o files without any error but then i am not able to link them. 

Can H264 Encoder generates output frame for every input raw frame


I am using Media_SDK_2016.0.1 and sample version for encoding NV12 frames (basically desktop capture frames) into H264 format through HW encoder (API version 1.16). I set the AsyncDepth value to 1 and LA Depth to 0 in encoder init. Other settings are as following:

Why does the VS looking for "libmmdd.lib" ?


I have the following scenario.

System : Windows 7, Visual Studio 2012, Intel Parallel Studio XE 2016 Update 1 Composer Edition.

Sceneario :

Project1.sln                        -              Visual Studio 2012 Solution

Main.vcxproj                     -              Visual C++ Project set to build using MS compiler, Main project creates main.EXE using intel.LIB and MS.LIB

Intel.vcxproj                      -              Visual C++ Project set to build using intel C++ compiler, generates intel.LIB

L1-, L2- and L3-bandwidth of E5-2680 v3 (i.e., Haswell)

Hi all,

I am currently investigating the L1, L2 and L3 bandwidth of our latest Haswell
CPU (Xeon E5-2680 v3). The L1, L2 and L3 size of this CPU is 32 KiB, 256 KiB
and 32 MiB, respectively.

I am using a SAXPY-like kernel (i.e., X += Y) to measure the bandwidth. Please
find the benchmark results attached.

Incorrect resolution of class in anonymous namespace


We came across an issue in our Intel (2016) compiler build where it appears separate, but identically named, classes in anonymous namespaces are not being resolved correctly. We've managed to create small example that illustrates the problem, and wondered if somebody could please investigate.

How to use OpenGL with media sdk server (Linux)


I've started a new thread, after the old threads not been resolved yet.

We develop application which does the following:

1. Encode multiple video  streams
2. Deliver graphic images from multiple streams --> fpga --> display (from fpga)
3. Using media sdk server on Linux

The 2nd above need to support OpenGL.
As far as I understand to support OpenGL we must use the GPU.

I would plea like to know:

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