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Problem linking when offloading STL

We have some offload code that doesn't run because dlopen() fails with undefined symbols. One of the suggestions that I found was to add "-Wl,-zdefs" to the offload linker options, which might bring the undefined symbols to our attention at link time.  However, when I do this, even the most simple offload code won't link.

For example:

How to choose the (correct) CPU for profiling?

I'm quite new to vTune profileing so I'm guessing this is a simple question: When  choosing the analysis type, I can see for the event details: "Event configured for CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) E5 processor". But the processor for the profiled hardware is Intel Core i7-3930K. Why does it say that it is a Xeon processor and is the test metrics collected inaccurate due to this?

“a derived class is not allowed here”


here is another code snippet which does not compile with ICC (version 14.0.2 on Linux) but does compile with GCC and Clang:

template<int N, bool B>
struct A;

template<int N>
struct A<N,false>
  template<int M>
  struct Nested {};

template<int N>
struct A<N,true> : public A<N,false> {};

template struct A<1,true>::Nested<2>;    // explicit instantiation

The error message is:

"LLC Load Misses Serviced By Remote DRAM" seen on Xeon X5650 with only 1 CPU?!


after doing a Nehalem General Exploration of my code, the results show several "LLC Load Misses Serviced By Remote DRAM" events. I have measured this on a Xeon X5650 platform with only 1 CPU (6 cores, 12 incl. hyper threading), so my question is: how can there be a "remote" DRAM if there is only 1 CPU? As far as I know, "remote DRAM" means a piece of memory which is attached to another CPU and thus requires a QPI transfer.



Eclipse IDE


I came to know that there is Intel® C++ Compiler with the Eclipse* IDE for Linux. Is there any Eclipse IDE for Windows XP/7? If so please provide the link for how to use this.

One more query is that whether this Eclipse IDE supports AVX or not and which version of Visual Studio supports AVX/AVX2/AVX-512.

Firefox*: Windows* OS Help Viewer Pane is Blank When Viewing CHM file

Hello Forum:  We have noticed that the Intel® Parallel Studio XE documentation may not function correctly when accessed with the Firefox* browser.

The exhibited behavior is that the right-hand pane (reading pane) in the help viewer is blank, and this problem may well extend to other documentation collections as well.  Any CHM file downloaded from the Firefox* browser could exhibit this problem.

Flow graph queueing nodes hold input references

I have a flow graph where the objects are too heavy to pass by copy, so instead I'm passing a shared pointer to the object through the graph. What I noticed is that my deleters for some of those objects were being deferred until graph destruction because the graph nodes were holding copies, which is too late for my needs. I had expected them to hold references for only as long as those objects were active in the graph.

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