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n-bodies: exploring a parallel TBB solution, intro and peek ahead

My vacation weeks have come and gone, plus a few intense weeks of playing catch-up on the work that accumulated while I was away.   Finally though, I have a chance to deliver on a promise made a month ago to share some details on parallelizing the n-body gravitational problem.  I've produced a series of refined versions of the code, attempting to step into all the pitfalls I could find along the way to see what they look like, how I could recognize them, and what actions I could take,

How to model parallelism with Intel® Parallel Advisor Lite

Did you know that Intel® Parallel Advisor Lite offers you the ability to prototype (model) parallelism in your serial application? It lets you scope the effort of parallelizing your application while continuing to use your existing test system and debugging tools as you make source modifications to avoid data sharing issues.

GDC09: How Intel Parallel Studio works

During the second day at Game Developers Conference 2009 in Cologne we had the chance to have a closer look at Intel Parallel Studio. Edmund Preiss took some time and shared some insights with us. OK, I wrote nearly anything about Parallel Studio but with this video blog have the chance to get all relevant information about Parallel Studio.

GDC09: Why next-generation CryEngine will only show in 2012

During his very well received keynote session Crytek's CEO Cevat Yerli surprised us with his statement that the next-generation Crytek game engine only will be available in about three years. The reason for this is quite simple: Instead of considering the PC as the only game platform, Crytek will focus on XBox and PlayStation in the future. And the next-generation video game consoles will be released in 2012 - or even later.

FAQ: Процессоры семейства Intel® Core™2 и набор команд Intel® SSE4

В настоящем документе представлены ответы разработчиков программного обеспечения на наиболее часто задаваемые вопросы по процессорам семейства Intel® Core™2 на базе 45-нанометровой технологии и набору команд Intel® SSE4.
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