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My wife bought an Ultrabook – and LOVES it!

Right now we have 4 PC laptops in our house; 5 if you count the iPad 2 being a ‘personal computing’ device. There’s my work HP Pavilion dv6, my personal Alienware M11x, her former Dell XPS M1530, which just got replaced by the Asus Zen book UX 31. In my sixteen years of being in the tech industry, and thirteen being with my wife, I’ve never seen her get so excited, and delighted, about technology and or a PC. The only other time that gets this close would have been when I bought her an iPhone. Sure….

Low Power Intel® Architecture for Small Form Factor Devices: Supplemental Information

This entry is a supplement to the article Low Power Intel® Architecture for Small Form Factor Devices, by Ram Chary, Pat A. Correia, Raviprakash Nagaraj, and James Song.  Additional technical information presented here was provided by Scott Noble.

The attached Microsoft PowerPoint* slides, included in the file below, are provided to help answer two questions received from a developer by our support team:


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  • Hear what other developers are saying about the new Ultrabook™

    By now you’ve probably heard about Ultrabook and this next evolution in personal computing. Like me, you are probably curious about all of the cool things you’ve been hearing; they’re really light and thin, fast, and have longer battery life than traditional laptops. Well here is your chance to hear what other developers are saying about them as they conduct an 8 week evaluation of Ultrabooks from Asus, Acer and Toshiba. It’s all here including comments, videos, and perceptions from 10 developers from the around the world.
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