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To create Dev Story/*HACK THE CODE*/ we used the Intel XDK and Crosswalk with a couple of open-source javascript libraries.

Panda.js – HTML5 Game Engine
Pixi.js – 2D webGL renderer with canvas fallback

英特尔® 硬件加速执行管理器

英特尔® 硬件加速执行管理器是一个硬件辅助的虚拟化引擎(hypervisor,虚拟机监视器),它使用英特尔® 虚拟化技术加速安卓应用在主机上的模拟。 英特尔® 硬件加速执行管理器与英特尔提供的安卓 x86 模拟器映像及官方安卓 SDK Manager(安卓软件开发套件)相结合,可在启用英特尔虚拟机的系统上更快地模拟安卓系统。

英特尔硬件加速执行管理器是英特尔® Integrated Native Developer Experience(英特尔® 集成原生开发人员体验,英特尔® INDE)的一个特性


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  • App require access to the camera?


    i developed my second android app.

    I included the extra DevicePlugin from Featured & Custom Cordova Plugins to be able to use the inappBrowser.

    Without adding that it was not able to open the browser.

    Some users told me that my app needs access to the camera to be installed, but i never told my app in any way to use that function.

    Does anyone have a solution for me or can tell me how to disable it?


    What is Google GCM?

    Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) is a service that enables developers to send data from servers to both Android applications or Chrome apps and extensions.

    What is Apple APNS?

    The Apple Push Notification Service (APNs) is a service created by Apple Inc. that was launched together with iOS 3.0 on June 17, 2009. It forwards notifications of third party applications to the Apple devices; such notifications may include badges, sounds or custom text alerts.

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    Will Intel HAXM work on Windows 7 Pro?

        I have installed the latest Android ADT on one computer, which is Windows 10 (just upgrade from Windows 8), it works fine, then I decide to try it on another one, it is Windows 7 Pro, this time, it failed, I try to check the windows features, it didn't show me Hyper-V, but from the CrystalCPUID tool, it has the VT enabled, I just confused here, can I install Intel HAXM on Windows 7 Pro? if it didn't work out of box, is there any work around?




    How to remove any reference/link to sdk C:\Intel\INDE\IDEintegration\SDK


    as the post title, Android Studio (windows 7) continues searching path C:\Intel\INDE\IDEintegration\SDK after my Intel INDE uninstallation.

    Error is:

    Error:The SDK directory 'C:\Intel\INDE\IDEintegration\SDK' does not exist.

    Please fix the 'sdk.dir' property in the file.

    My sdk.dir value in is updated, but i Android Studio still search for path C:\Intel\INDE\IDEintegration\SDK.

    Maybe i have to update some referenes in gradle directory?

    Importance and usage of Intel TXT(LT) on Desktop

    Hello. I am a desktop Linux user, and my motherboard supports Intel TXT(LT) technology. I have read about this technology and have understood, that it enhances security, when I have running virtual machines, and isolates pieces of memory, which VM can use, so that anything running inside VM cannot bring harm to my real OS (am I right?). Though I do not use virtualization very often, and when I use it, it is not very serious (VirtualBox or Qemu), it seems to me, that Intel TXT is very useful, as there is no such thing as "too much security".

    Intel HAXM installation error - This computer does not support Intel Virtualization Technology 2015

    Hello i have big problem whit android estudio and i can't install HAXM in my computer i explaint:

    I have an issue whit my HAXM installation. Here is the thing. I got this error every single time I tried to install HAXM FOR MY COMPUTER:

    Problem is, that my computer supports Virtualization Technology (see pic below).

    System espc:

    Suscribirse a Virtualización