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Intel® Parallel Computing Center at Princeton University, Princeton Neuroscience Institute and Computer Science Dept.

Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessors, based on Many-Integrated-Core (MIC) architecture, offer an alternative to GPUs for deep learning, because its peak floating-point performance and cost are on par with a GPU, while offering several advantages such as easy to program, binary compatible with host processor, and direct access to large host memory. However, it is still challenging to fully take advantage of the hardware capabilities. It requires running many threads in parallel (e.g. 240+ threads for 60+ cores), executing 16 floating point operations in parallel (for AVX-512), and reducing the working set for each thread (128KB L2 cache per thread).
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  • With STEM Education, Women Can Create Both Technology and Their Own Futures

    Intel is committed to expanding educational opportunities for girls and women and inspires them to become creators of technology. Intel has many globally expansive programs and initiatives to support educational access for girls and women in STEM fields.

    Participe do Concurso INOVApps 2015 promovido pelo Ministério das Comunicações!

    Parceiros Intel, segue abaixo mais uma oportunidade para apresentarem suas soluções!  

    O Ministério das Comunicações lançou no dia 14/07, a segunda edição do Concurso INOVApps que tem como objetivo apoiar o desenvolvimento de aplicativos de interesse público para dispositivos móveis e TVs digitais conectadas.


    The avowed objective of this software is to make maths learning a joyous and pleasurable event for kids as well as adults and make India mathematically High performing country. Mental Computation is treated as alphabets of mathematics learning, Not only because it improves memory and brain development but also it improves confidence, creativity and clarity of mind.

    Vedic Mathematics is far more systematic, simplified and unified than the conventional system. It is a mental tool for calculation that encourages the development and use of intuition and innovation.

    Ultrabook DNS server problem (fixed)

    On my current trip to USA west coast, after some airport stops, my Ultrabook was refusing to connect to DNS server on Apple oriented wifi hotspots, although my Android tablet had no difficulty.  When this happens, the solution is to open Network and Sharing Center, click on the desired connection, open its Properties, select IPv4 properties, and set Obtain DNS Server address automatically.

    Mob2b participa do 17º Encontro Locaweb de Profissionais de Internet ao lado da Intel

    Sorocaba, 23 de junho de 2015 - Na última quinta-feira (18.06), o Mob2b, subdivisão da Smyowl focada em aplicativos e soluções corporativas, marcou presença no 17º Encontro Locaweb de Profissionais de Internet, realizado na Fecomercio, em São Paulo. A convite da Intel, Thais Barros Beldi, CEO do Mob2b e a equipe de marketing e vendas da empresa apresentaram a solução corporativa Mob2b aos participantes do evento, ampliaram contatos comerciais e iniciaram conversas por novas parcerias com empresas e desenvolvedores de tecnologia de todo o país.

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