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Chromebooks and the new Citrix* Receiver for Chrome

For any of you still thinking of the Chromebook™ notebook computer as just a consumer browsing device, think again. It's no longer just notebook computers running the Chrome OS™ operating system, it's also Chromebox™ computing devices, ChromeBase,*  and more - indicating form factor is not a blocking issue. And with virtualization, these systems can run Windows apps on Chrome OS from Microsoft* Office* to intense graphic apps with minimal impact on latency or power drain. 

Windows 8 Ultrabook for development


I am Spyro, Director and Programmer at BlackSheep Games studio, we develop games mainly for mobile platforms and we are a Premier Elite Partner with Intel (and we love it!). I have contacted Intel Support for my request and they pointed me out to the forum.

We are responsible for 'Angry Chicken: Egg Madness!', which has over 2,000,000 downloads and have used an Intel powered tablet in the past to include the x86 architecture.


现在开发者可以简便地整合第三方服务的API来使应用变现或整合后端服务来创建内容更加丰富多彩的应用。英特尔®XDK使开发者能够便捷地在应用中加入上百种开源的第三方Cordova*插件,以及Android*, iOS*, Window 8*平台上的各种专有插件。



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