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英特尔在 2011 世界移动通信大会(MWC)上宣传 AppUp 应用开发者计划



西班牙当地时间2011年2月17日下午18点,北京时间18日凌晨1点,一年一次的全球最大通讯展会MWC在西班牙第二大城市巴塞罗那落下了帷幕。此次MWC共推出了近三十款智能手机,展出了多达百款移动互联设备新品,而更为突出的是软件应用带动硬件发展的趋势日益明显。在2011 MWC上,除了大家熟悉的手机厂商把最新的产品以及技术带到了西班牙的展会,也有很多和应用相关以及开发者相关的内容在这里进行展示。英特尔作为全球最大的处理器芯片厂商,在此次展会上面向广大开发者带来了AppUp开发者计划。

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  • Augmented Reality with Qt. Part 1 - Capturing video from Webcam

    Augmented reality is one of the most amazing technologies today. With augmented reality you could add some really futuristic features to you application. Your application could mix reality and virtuality.

    Augmented reality application should contain at least 3 main parts:

    Mobile Monday: Keep taking the tablets

    This week, a number of content creators came together in London for a panel discussion entitled “Keep taking the tablets”. The event, organised by Mobile Monday, took place at Centre Point in the middle of London, but reflected the keen interest in tablet computers around the world. The iPad continues to grab headlines, the BlackBerry Playbook is eagerly anticipated, and the MeeGo tablet user experience was released at Mobile World Congress. David Roth-Ey from book publisher Harper Collins said that from a publisher’s point of view, discovery remains a problem.

    Intel to open source the MeeGo tablet UX code

    The MeeGo alpha tablet UX that Intel exhibited at Mobile World Congress 2011 drew a lot of attention at the time, most of it positive. But when eager developers learned that the code was being kept under wraps, many expressed an understandable disappointment.  The discourse on MeeGo mailing lists was civil but nonetheless underscored with frustration.  There was even talk of a community fork.

    A guide to optimizing graphics and games for Intel® Atom based platforms

    Ron and I just finished up the first revision of the Atom graphics developers guide. You can download it here: /en-us/articles/mobile-graphics-developers-guides

    Topics covered include:
    - Intel® Atom processor optimizations
    - Understanding graphics packaged with Inte®l Atom processor based platforms
    - Tools to help optimize and profile game/graphic applications
    - Microsoft DirectX* optimizations (most of the focus is on Microsoft Windows* for this revision of the guide)

    Building Nokia* Qt SDK Demo or Example Programs with Intel C++ Compiler for MeeGo*

    MeeGo* SDK 1.1 or 1.2 preview does not contain any demo or example program. The demo or example programs in Nokia* Qt SDK can be used.

    Here is how to try the existing Qt SDK demo or example program with MeeGo SDK and Intel C++ Compiler for MeeGo*:

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  • AppUp developer meetup @ GDC

    AppUp GDC Meetup

    Rhonda & I will be hosting a meetup at GDC at the Bin 55 lounge in the Marriott Marquis.  We'd like any developers who will be attending GDC to come by and meet us and other AppUp developers.  Drop us a note if you're attending.  This will be a good opportunity to chat, share stories and have some down time before the Application Lab starts at noon.


    Date: March 3rd - 10am to 11:30am

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