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How communication between ranks works?

Example of hipo cluster : 

"Node 1" -> 4 cores so [0,4[ rank

"Node 2" -> 4 cores so [4,8[ rank

So rank = 0 would be first core in Node 1

In a situation like Core #5 wants to send a message to Core #6

which are both in "Node 2"

What happens?

I hope Core 5 doesn't sends its message to Rank #0 in "Node 1" that sends it back to Core #6.

So how does it works?

MPI_Allgatherv with large message sizes


I'm trying to collect data with MPI_Allgatherv with a large receive buffer for which the total size is larger than 2GB. As I could understand here ( this is not supported. Unfortunately when I try to use the -ilp64 option with mpiifort I run into several problems:

1) when using include 'mpif.h' to  include mpi, then after the following commands:

mpiifort -warn -O1 -g -traceback -check bounds -i8 -c gather.f

Mpirun problem on running test.f90 on a cluster

Dear all,

I have installed on a cluster intel mpi. I run ./sshconnectivity.exp machines.LINUX

on a cluster with on master and 3 nodes. using the following  machines.LINUX






Than I installed mpi on all the nodes using the

Everything went great...apparently

Windows cluster using ICS

Hello everyone!

I'm newbie in practical cluster computing and I want to create a cluster of 25 nodes on Windows 7 using Intel Cluster Studio. What do I need to accomplish this task? Just nodes with Win7 and ICS? Previously I tried to use cluster on Windows Server 2008 HPC and it had a cluster manager. Is there anything similar in ICS? Can I monitor nodes, their status and status of jobs? How do people create clusters on Windows?

Can someone advise me articles or books to make things clearer?
Thanks in advance.

How to Use Intel® Math Kernel Library ScaLAPACK library on Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessors

Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) provides highly optimized, extensively threaded computing math routines for applications that require performance on latest Intel® processors, including Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor. See [1] [2]. This article gives an introduction on how to use Intel MKL ScaLAPACK library on Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors. A test code is attached.

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