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Registered products not showing up in registration centre


We have an existing license for Parallel Studio and a Composer which we would like to renew. When logging into the registration centre, all the IPP products show up but the Composer and the Studio ones don't. Trying to enter the serial numbers for these, pops up the "Product already registered" message. However, the serials are still valid and we can follow the link on the registration email.

What do we do?

License renewal and non-commercial usage

Let me describe our situation in short: We are a very small research group at university. We don't need C/C++ on a daily basis, but when it comes down to fast algorithms, parallelization and speed tuning I always valued the Intel C/C++ compiler and its tools. We work on all 3 major operating system: I develop on Linux, but we use the algorithms in OSX as well as in Windows. 

Intel Fortran Compiler 11.0.x migrates from XP to Windows 7.

The previous person who manages this Fortran Compiler license is no longer with us. 

  • Current system:
  • OS:  XP
  • Software:  “Intel Fortran Compiler 11.0 Intergration(s) in Microsoft Visual Studio”   Version 11.0.061  

        I have the currently Fortran Compiler license key.

  • Questions:
  • How to obtain the Fortran Compiler 11.0.061 software and move this current license from the current HW to new HW running Windows 7?



Intel software manager

Intel software manager does not show products renewal

Iìve an Intel parallel studio 2013 renewd to a parattej studio 2015,

I want to download the updates, with intel sw manager

but it does not show the new sw list, that is instead shown in the registration center

I would like to hold the automatic sw update feature

thanks a  lot for the help



Help transferring an Intel Math Kernel Library license

We purchase IP from another compnay which included product source code.  Along with this, they promised to transfer developer licenses, including an Intel Math Kernel Library license.  We need to transfer this license to the developer within our ompany who will be working on the product.

I can provide the signed license transfer letter from the seller which includes the product serial number.

Thank you,


Intel STM Prototype Compiler version 4.0 on top of Parallel Studio XE 2015 Trial edition


I have downloaded and install an evaluation copy of the Intel Parallel Studio XE 2015 edition. I would now like to install the Intel STM compiler (version 3.0 preferably) version 4.0 (again in evaluation mode) on top of this. The install script for the STM compiler asks for a license key or a license file. Can you please send me a license file that I can use for the trial edition? I am using a 64 bit edition of Ubuntu.

The following are the options provided by the installer script.

code composer xe installer hangs on license file

I am trying to provision a machine with code composer xe, running on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.  On a different machine, I had installed these tools under Ubuntu 12,04 LTS, and they worked ok after a 14.04 upgrade, so I'm assuming that an original install to 14.04 should be ok.

When I run the install.sh, the installer hangs after accepting the license agreement, and hangup seems to be below, with check of license data. However, my intention is to use a trial license, but I can't get to those menus.

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