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named-user left company, registered e-mail no longer valid, need transfer

Hi, my company purchased a 'named-user license' for using Intel  Math Kernel (IMK) Library services. The named-user has left the company without transferring the license, the person's e-mail address has been wiped out also. I have the original license purchase information including the serial number.  Could you please guide me on how to transfer the license to another employee. Thanks for your help.  Vicky






Installation nightamare

Dear all,

I am professor from academica in computer science. I have got a free intel licence for my educational purpose since june 2015. I am trying without success to install it on Linux workstations + Mac OS. I have got troubles everytime, and until now nothing is working.

The last problem I got is when I try to install parallel_studio_xe_2016.tgz on Linux workstation. During installation process, a message says "Unsupported OS" for many products (VTUNE, and so on)... Why ?

Intel Fortran 10.1


We need to compile a fortran code in Linux that was developed using Fortran version 10.1.

We've tried to download this version using the Intel Download Center. Under "Intel® Parallel Studio XE Professional Edition for Fortran and C++ Linux*", the oldest version available was the 2011 SP1.

How can we download the version 10.1?



Can I still install 2016 version on two computers?

I've been using Parallel Studio XE 2015 Professional Edition for Windows under a named-user license, and I install it on two computers.

I've just received my support service expiration notice, after upgrading my account to the 2016 version, and it's offering me a "SystemLocked" license. Does that mean, after renewing, I can only install the 2016 version on one computer?

I purchased this month, but license has expired


I purchased "Intel® IoT Gateway Software Kit SK100" this September.

And I received mail from "Intel® Software Development Products Registration Center", including SerialNo, 

But I cannot download Software.

- I filled serialNo at https://registrationcenter.intel.com

- I filled my profiles.

- After that, browser shows this message.

      "This license has expired. If you feel you have received this message in error, Click Here."

License not available

Error: A license for Comp-CM is not available (-5,357).

Make sure that a license file is being used that contains a license
for the requested feature.  If your license requires a license server,
make sure that the server is using the right license file (usually,
this would be the same license file that is being used by this
application), and make sure that you have not changed the license
file since starting the server.

License file(s) used were (in this order):
    1.  Trusted Storage
**  2.  /usr/bin/icc-16.0.083-base/bin/intel64/../../Licenses

I cannot install parallel studio XE after user-name license support expiration


We bought Parallel Studio XE and in August our license expired. It was user-name license. I thought we can use parallel studio also after this expiration and only your support will not be available.. Is it thruth or not?<?xml:namespace prefix = o />

If we can still use it, there is some problem..I have new laptop in my job and because i give back the old one I need to reinstall parallel studio, but even with offline activation using license file it writes that the license expired.

Do we really have to buy new license only because of reinstallation?

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